townes 113


dimensions: 114-122-113-118-104

turn radius: 28

The townes 113 is lithic's first designed and prototyped ski. Its unique pinner-tip and tail reduce swing weight so much that you'll be hard pressed to find a quicker ski. With generous tip and tail splay signify a minimal amount of the ski on the snow, allowing for easy slashes in tight spaces. The slight camber underfoot, stability of a full-hardwood core and lightness of a tappered-tip and tail ski enables the townes 113 to double nicely as a reliable backcountry tourer - perfectly weighted for the up and the down. 


  • five-point shape design
  • all-mountain camber/splay profile
  • full-hardwood, vertically-laminated core
  • four-layer vds rubber damping layup
  • traditional sandwich ski construction
  • incredibly low swing weight
  • no gimmicks