skunk works 119

After some long talks with our athletes, we decided to make a ski that slides superbly in both directions. The SkunkWorks 119 is essentially an all mountain, powder jibbing weapon, specifically designed to be centered-mounted. Long gone are the days of moving your boot center up six cm to accommodate your style while the ski is not actually designed for that sort of boot placement. We've proudly designed a ski that caters to those folks who consistently mount their skis forward of the recommended mark. With a little bit of camber underfoot and nearly symmetrical tip and tail rocker, this is the tool to use when you're ready drop some healthy (or small) cliffs switch. 


    A) 4001 resin-grade, sintered, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

    B) full-wrapped, hardened-steel edges

    C) industry-leading VDS rubber foil

    D) 22oz triaxial fiberglass

    E) extruded UHMW full-height sidewall, beveled to 22.5deg

    F) poplar*

    G) hard maple

    H) ash*

    I) fleece-backed, chip- resistant nylon topsheet

    *replaced with  paulownia for backcountry layup