prine 108

dimensions: 135-108-120

turn radius: 21 meters @ 185cm

The Prine 108 is truly a ski that can be ridden in 95% of all snow conditions, with the other 5% being those exceptionally deep days or those unrelentingly icy days. With its playful flex pattern in the tip and tail, and firmer underfoot flex, the Prine 108 is made to jib and shred the entire mountain. This damp yet frisky ski with its quick turn radius, all-hardwood core, and buttery tips and tails will not leave you wanting for more. 


  • traditional three-point ski shape design
  • all-mountain camber/splay profile
  • full-hardwood, vertically-laminated core
  • four-layer vds rubber damping layup
  • traditional sandwich ski construction
  • no gimmicks

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