hill 120

dimensions: 142-120-129

turn radius: 27 meters @ 190cm

Another new edition to our lineup, the Hill 120 was designed and prototyped as a floaty, backcountry, powder tool. With a mostly-flat, square tail, you won't be dealing with loose skin clips as you make your way to the top of a deep line. A generous amount of tip splay ensures you'll never go over the bars and always rise effortlessly out of each turn. In the Cascades deep snow is an integral part of why we've chosen to settle in this beautiful part of the world and now, the Hill 120, will let you easily access demanding terrain without sacrificing any fun on the descent.


  • tapered tip/tail shape design
  • mostly-flat tail, camber, early splay profile
  • full-hardwood, vertically-laminated core
  • four-layer vds rubber damping layup
  • traditional sandwich ski construction
  • no gimmicks