cohen 118

dimensions: 139-118-134

turn radius: 25 meters @ 188cm

Introducing the Cohen 118, new to our 2018 lineup of already stacked skis. With a generous platform underfoot combined with a solid 25 meter turning radius, the Cohen 118 will charge through even the most variable of conditions. Don't be fooled, however, by its beefy dimensions as the Cohen 118 comes with our time-tested, full-length, vertically-laminated hardwood core for pop when you want to be playful and strength when you want to charge. In the end, this ski will float effortlessly in powder while also holding its own once the entire hill turns to chop later in the day. If you're looking for a big mountain charger that also destroys powder then look no further than the Cohen 118.


  • tapered tip/tail shape design
  • all-mountain camber/splay profile
  • full-hardwood, vertically-laminated core
  • four-layer vds rubber damping layup
  • traditional sandwich ski construction
  • no gimmicks

Collections: all skis, powder collection