arlo 116

dimensions: 123-127-116-121-116

turn radius: 27 meters @ 187cm

The Arlo 116 takes full advantage of its five-point, all-mountain design by allowing quicker turn possibilities on a larger platform. With slight camber underfoot, plenty of tip-splay, and a firmly-flexed tail, this is the ski that'll charge down any condition the mountain throws at you. As the slimmed down, younger brother to the beloved Arlo 120, the Arlo 116 can handle an enormous range of snow types and is perfect for those days when you're looking to be a little more playful and a little less straight-line-stan. 


  • five-point shape design
  • all-mountain camber/splay profile
  • full-hardwood, vertically-laminated core
  • three-layer vds rubber damping layup
  • traditional sandwich ski construction
  • art by Tori Karpenko
  • no gimmicks

Collections: 2018/2019 SKIS