Lithic Skis believes strongly in cultivating a connection between craftsmanship, art, and the mountains in which we live and play. We want every aspect of your ski experience, from materials and composites to the artwork of the top-sheet, to embody the inclusive, positive and beautiful mountain experience.

Each year Lithic Skis will feature a different artist who shares our passion for the outdoors and love for this incredible planet we're so lucky to call home.

2016-2017 Featured Artist:

We're proud and fortunate to have Garrett Grove as our first featured artist. For years his photography graced the covers of many storied ski publications. Garrett is the embodiment of a humble, yet exceedingly talented artist who was gracious enough to provide a new ski company with some amazing images. Through Garrett's keen eye, mountain landscapes are transformed from the casual into the phenomenal, from the everyday into the exceptional. Lithic Skis couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime.