an introduction

an introduction

September 25, 2016 6 Comments

You've probably never heard of us and that's okay - for now. Lithic Skis was founded by two dedicated skiers who discovered our passion for handcrafting skis in the Sierra Nevada six years ago. After years in that mountain range, we went in search of bigger mountains with less people, more snow and a shop we could call our own. 

That journey brought us to the small town of Peshastin, nestled just on the eastern side of the mighty Cascade Mountain range. It was in this magical place we met great folks, skied wildly impressive mountains and began to build our own ski factory from scratch. Based on the wealth of experience we gained learning from the best ski makers in North America, the two of us knew exactly what we wanted in an efficient factory space. With the machines and presses so specialized and money so tight, we designed and built everything from the ground up to ensure our skis came out flat, tight, quickly, and perfectly.

The idea of building up an arsenal of inventory during the summer months made no sense to us as the industry's theme of waste constantly sat heavy on our minds. Lithic Skis doesn't have racks of "stock" skis in our shop. Every ski in the shop has a pair of bindings on them and are skied hard and regularly. Every ski a customer orders is crafted specifically for them in a matter of days. This unique approach ensures that we'll never sell out or, even worse, misuse precious resources building powder skis during a dry winter. Simply put, we make skis when they're ordered specifically for the skier who ordered them. 

Over the last two winters Lithic Skis and our new crew of local skiers prototyped skis at our two local ski hills, the surrounding backcountry and beyond. The current lineup represents a diverse set of tried and true shapes for all the conditions you're likely to encounter on the mountain. The feedback was constant, positive, and humbling. The prototyping process allowed insights never before thought of:

"Perhaps flattening out the tail on this one would make these grip longer throughout the turn."

 "Maybe we should taper the tip shape a little less to see if it adds more stability to the equation."

"Let's stiffen out this entire ski and see exactly what we sort of snow we can blast through."

"Let's go drink beers on the tail gate."

Lithic Skis is proud to have a no-nonsense approach to handcrafting the finest skis around. Our gimmick-free theme to building skis serves as a metaphor to our gimmick-free marketing approach. We choose to let our skis speak for themselves and grow Lithic slowly, intentionally, and naturally. 

Next time you're in the Pacific Northwest please don't hesitate to look us up. Even better, if you find yourself at Stevens Pass or Mission Ridge during the snowy months, give us a ring or shoot us an email...we'd love to show you why we think this place is rad and spread the handcrafted ski love. Winter's right around the corner, let's all go have some fun!


Lithic Skis

Paul Roberts and Ty Bourgeois (509) 470-1791

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Jeff Ballod
Jeff Ballod

January 12, 2018

I rode your MR 50year commemorative ski last year and love it. It was an incredible ski season with plenty of days of new snow. I found the 100mm underfoot to be perfect for the skiing I prefer. I have a pair of carvers for those fast hardpack days but for a few inches of fluff to a deep dump here in the northwest (most often 6-16") they are my tool of choice. I find them to be smooth, easy turn iniation, quick when I need to be but stable at speed and no deflection in cut up crud. Great skis!!! You guys rock.

Jeff – 64 and retired, passionate skier

By the way any thoughts on this Phantom base application from DPS which seems to be getting a lot of hype???

Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan

October 02, 2017

The attention to detail and passion that you two bring to the table is unrivaled, and it shows in your skis. My GUTHRIE 120 has become my ski of choice on powder and pseudo powder days. No ski does the “straight line-to-slarve” better than the Guthrie…so fast, so stable, so fun! I’m stoked to see what you two put out this winter. Cheers from Utah!

mike lawrence
mike lawrence

March 12, 2017

Just base preping and waxing up some of your skis, hopefully the weather is good for testing next week
mike lawrence equipment care guru @ stevens pass

Ty Bourgeois
Ty Bourgeois

January 02, 2017

Hello Tacy,

We do not have any demos at Stevens but you’re more than welcome to email me at and we can probably figure something out for you. What length do you typically ski? Of our models, are you interested in skiing one specifically?


Tracy Valentine
Tracy Valentine

January 01, 2017

Any prototypes available at Stevens (2017) for an 5’6" ex pro patroller???

Todd Francis
Todd Francis

September 27, 2016

Love the intro… Love the skis… Love the brand… Can’t wait to shred on Lithic Skis. Hope we make it up to Stevens Pass this year with the crew and have you guys show us the goods!!!

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